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jenny's rabbit fur coat

nothing of sustenance!!

Posted on 02.01.2006 at 02:15
people who Don't compulsively check Flickr or Facebook [do you exist?!?] can look right hereee:
2K6, I got it, okaaay??Collapse )

bjork b/w
Posted on 01.01.2006 at 01:56

Joel wa Jon Tennent
Originally uploaded by Franny Incognito.

Jon Tennent and Joel are wishing you a Happy New Year in this picture.

and so I bade 2005 farewell, thank God that this debaucle of a year is over !

Maggie hahahahha!
Posted on 31.12.2005 at 11:11
So the only two things I care about are preventing genocide and fashion, correct? I'd say that's about accurate. This leads me to America's Next Top Model.

I don't have cable, so I've missed most of the later seasons. Cycle 1, in my mind, is the Supreme, and I will gladly point you in the direction of elysesewell, who was my favorite model of that season. Now she's doin' her modelin' thang in Hong Kong and she's a really snappy writer too! I'm glad I don't have cable, because then this means that I can watch marathon cycles. Glorious Brain Rot, I say!

Cue Cycle 4. I guess this is proof that ANTM is goin' downhill, much as I love to consider it a grand ol' Vice. The stupidity of these girls is virtually unbearable, which is why I'm not finishing this ludicrous marathon right now. I Know that as a reality show about models, I should expect to encounter cattiness and idiocy. I expect it. As a viewer, in fact, I'm entitled to it! Who DOESN'T enjoy Robin's [Cycle 1] Fundamentalist Tirades? They bring in Conflict, and they're Funny, and Robin is so flipping Stupid that it is a joy to keep her on the show just to watch her go NUTS over going to Jim Morrison's grave! GENIUS. And Janice Dickinson, in particular, is so Awful and so NOT a good role model [hahaha PUNny!] that every word that escapes her mouth has the viewer rolling her eyes in agony. This agony is fun, this is why we love Reality TV, yes? But these Cycle 4 girls? They're catty, but not catty enough, and have such dull, dull empty personalities and non-conflicts with each other that it is Infuriating! And most of them don't look like models, and certainly CERTAINLY none of these Cycle 4 ladies have any awareness of High Fashion, or Haute Couture, or general Fashion Vocab that any Us Weekly-reading layperson ought to know!! Frankly, it is shameful.
I am Ashamed. Bring back the high fashion and high drama of Cycle One, for goodness' sake!

mosques are pretty, did joel take this pic??


Posted on 30.12.2005 at 02:18

[re: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/africa/4440730.stm, joelviaegypt]

serge et jane

there's noone like you Eleanor, really.

Posted on 28.12.2005 at 12:46
[Jim Jams]: Silver Jews [THNX JT]
I am reading The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay and oh my I absolutely love it even if I am not yet halfway done.

I forget how good pleasurable reading is and pangs of regret because I can't possibly always do this, which is really a shame.
Anyway, this book also opens lots of doors for independent research, and not just on comic books, but on things like Dali's World Fair Dream of Venus or the Golem of Prague [gimel vav lam mem, so at least I've not forgotten my spelling] and so every so often during a reading break I like to look things up on wikipedia or google, since possibilities are endless, naturalemente. Sometimes I would like to drop out of school and just do research but I know that I wouldn't actually be productive so I don't do it because I have no faith in myself, and this is becoming more and more evident day by day.

and now I've sobered [sombered] up and books are better companions than the internet anyway.

Just mostly you should all read this book! While you still have time!! And I can't believe how emotionally attached I am to Mr. Longino, because I miss him So Much.

mosques are pretty, did joel take this pic??

Benedict ordered a spiritual wakeup, C'MON.

Posted on 25.12.2005 at 13:17
guyzzz merry christmas.
this year the Apple Corp. got a lot of money from my family which is fine by me, since Joel now doesn't have to get my cruddy old Dell desktop, OR mooch off my GarageBand.
Also, many authors [or their estates] got delightful royalties. Including but not limited to Michael Chabon [which I'm really excited to read!], Claude Levi-Strauss [obligatory], BISHOP KALLISTOS WARE [duh], Philip Gourevitch [GENOCIDE], and many many others. also, movies about a] genocide b] existentialism c] underwater explorers? [hahaha bet you can't even guess, RIGHT? ]
Also, watching Chongy feign fainting will go down in history as a delightful Christmas memory, because he got his GameCube and will now be playing Mario Party 7 for the next approximately 7.5 hours.

my favorite news story to recall this Christmas is Mahmoud Abbas' visit to the Church of the Nativity [first by a Pal. leader in 3 yrs.]: how very very cool!

and to conclude [since this could very well be my Year for Spiritual Renewal]:
'As a friend talking with his friend, man speaks with God, and drawing near in confidence he stands before the face of the One who dwells in light unapproachable'. -St. Symeon the New Theologian

Merry Christmas, &c.

jenny's rabbit fur coat

don't be sad

Posted on 23.12.2005 at 23:38
because I love you and even when I am ugly and mean [which is a lot these days; I'm sorry] I still do because I still remember. And I remember that you are the best, most non-alienating friend in the world to me and I am really thankful for you Always.

Desmond 'Nugget' Tutu !!!
Posted on 21.12.2005 at 09:26
So you may or may not be aware that my dad is considering converting to Orthodoxy and I am considering maybe following in his footsteps?? Well, anyway, I am.
So I asked my Orthodox sources some good books to start out with. Then I had the brilliant idea of getting one for my dad for Christmas!!
So I order this book The Orthodox Way by Bishop Ware for Dad, right?
NOT FIVE MINUTES after I get this one EXPRESS SHIPPED on Amazon, I walk into Dada's bedroom and see, One and The Same!, this book.
Oh damn.
Well, that's not a problem, I guess I'll just keep the book for myself and order my dad another one, right?
I relay the story of this travesty to my father in the early evening and he giggles hysterically because Guess What!! The package that came today from Barnes & Noble is THE SAME BOOK intended as a gift FOR ME. Groan!!

I hate returning books [from online too!] but it seems that Bishop Ware has gotten more than his share of royalties from This Family, so I guess this is what I have to do. Groan indeed!!

bjork b/w

Chongy shoots the arrows.

Posted on 18.12.2005 at 20:26
I saw The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. I thought it was pretty glorious. And Lucy/The Beavers/Aslan were vast improvements from ye ol' BBC vers. HOWEVS, the White Witch could have been improved Vastly, I feel, but this is only because she is my favorite Villain in all of literature.

Oh, and I'm in Phoenix. It is loud and funny and we make fun of people all the time.

bjork b/w

karaoke?? [remind me to tell you about les miz]

Posted on 16.12.2005 at 18:02
I've been lying in my bed for a good two and half hours
but I feel like I've earned it because FINALS ARE OVER

and I am in a quagmire

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