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'Don't you think we should be silent to enjoy this rather sinister moment?'

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Franny Glass
11 September
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afghanistan, africa, aishwarya rai, albert camus, amnesty international, amélie, andy warhol, anthropology/archaeology, arabic, architecture in helsinki, art, audrey tatou, being unobtrusively socially conscious, björk, bollywood, bontay, brave saint saturn, buddy glass, cats [especially pharaoh], chongy, christianity, communism, cosmopolitans, death cab for cutie, dinosaurs, doctors without borders, dorothy parker, dracontology, duct tape, ecclesiastes, ecumenical liberation theology, edward sapir, ee cummings, egypt, el chupacabra, elijah wyman, england, existentialism, fair trade, falafel, feminism, ferris bueller's day off, five iron frenzy, foreign policy, franny and zooey, franny glass, gaza, gin & tonic, gk chesterton, govinda, harajuku, havarti, hebrew, hello kitty, henri jm nouwen, high fidelity, historical particularism, hot hot heat, human rights, i ♥ huckabees, india, international affairs, international relations, international solidarity movement, islam, jack kerouac, jane birkin, japanese street fashion, jd salinger, jean paul sartre, jenny lewis, jesus christ, jewelry making, jim henson, johny lever, joni mitchell, kill bill, leonard cohen, les miserables, linguistics, lizzie maguire, mary kate and ashley, mates of state, middle east, missionary kids, modest mouse, muppets, my courtship with kevin, nat sherman fantasia lights, neturei karta, new zealand, nico, nikka costa, nine stories, oscar wilde, pakistan, palestine, picnics, politics, poop, pop art, preventing genocide, princess diaries, professor hazilla, radiohead, ramallah, red crescent, rilo kiley, roy liechtenstein, run lola run, rushmore, semitic languages, serge gainsbourg, seymour glass, shah rukh khan, shakespeare, simone de beauvoir, st. augustine, stereolab, strictly ballroom, sylvia plath, tandem bicycles!!!, the beatles, the bell jar, the black cat, the cranberries, the flaming lips, the middle east, the postal service, the royal tenenbaums, the strokes, the velvet underground, third culture kids, thom yorke, tolstoy, vintage clothing, wayne's world, weezer, wes anderson, west bank, winky, yasser arafat, yo la tengo, zooey glass,

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