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bjork b/w

lately I am addicted to bagels! reflection post

Posted on 12.12.2005 at 13:43
[Weather Forecast]: exhaustedworn out
[Jim Jams]: christmas. Duh!
i am gloriously [grace of G-d, 'ALHAMDULLILAH!] done with all of my papers and have simply three more [rather dificil] finals before I go HOME on Saturday!
I think I've handled my stress mighty well this semester, but perhaps its because there is a hidden benefit in having professors assign you many many little papers over the semester, to increase your stress immunity so to speak. Also today is last day working at the 'Seed for a while.
I can't say that this semester wasn't good, because I enjoyed most of my classes and my loving friends, new and old. But I am also ready for a Real Break from cold weather and DC and making coffee for Other People. Next semester will be probably more stressful, but also more bangin', because abroad loves are returning and this means I can help them cope with glorious, glorious reverse-culture shock. But also fathoming a semester without Theresa and Rachel and other faces is daunting, a little bit. And I do have this premonition that some bad things could happen. but this happens Always and it is always an adventure to have things that aren't expected happen to you. That's what makes Life the best, I guess.

Normally I find PostSecret too cliche emotional but this one spoke to me DEEPLY. DUH:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I love everyone, even if its just a little bit.

bjork b/w
Posted on 11.12.2005 at 11:51
I'm writing the Hardest Paper but I keep getting distracted by the birds
they fly in huge flocks and are always in my library window view!!

however, the fat little flock of sparrows this morning I took as a sign of good luck right when I was slinking towards despair-dom, so I am grateful.

however, although pigeons are nice to watch [from a distance] I don't think I could consider them good luck, unless its from far away or I am in Istanbul feeding them with tin plates of birdseed only 5000 lira. Even though I had chicken pox, in Istanbul everything is goodluck.

anyway, this paper is lame, but only because I don't want to write it, I just want to actually heal instead of perpetuating illness by tromping to campus in the cold
its just that anthropology is way harder to BS than international relations, which is a good thing in the LR, but in the SR makes me PISSED

also I'm not one to boast about grades or anything but I've PWNed two term papers so far and it feels just great!! like my major and minor are validified, or something.

bjork b/w
Posted on 10.12.2005 at 14:49
Joel's back, safe and sound, from the Motherland! [safe and sound DESPITE getting stripsearched by the Israeli military; WHAT?!? I guess you should all know for future reference that keeping an empty tear-gas grenade as a souvenir of your travels in the Holy Land is a Bad Idea. WOOPS!!]

anyway, I go home in a week and I am truly truly excited to see him, and I CANNOT WAIT for him to come to AU [he arrives on the 9th, so make him welcome, all you earlybirds!!] because we are going to listen to records and drink qahwa and smoke shisha [with our collection of three? maybe four? houkahs] and go dancin' and make up sweet musical numbers. Also, he might live with me this summer. Also, we might perhaps go to Egypt together this summer?!? [this is an idea brewing in my head, of course]

also I don't think that its really that my family is non-committal, but just that certain places make us feel v. antsy [like this place, &c.] and I mean Come On! Seven years in one country is a Long Time! So I think that maybe if I just lived in one place [i.e. Egypt, Palestine, Ethiopia, Pakistan] or just a few places for the rest of my life I could probably be pretty happy. I don't fancy myself a jetsetter, and I don't much like packing/moving, at least not with Frequency.

bjork b/w
Posted on 08.12.2005 at 14:27
I gave my mom my christmas list and mostly i just want practical things and cheap vinyl and books on orthdoxy and anthropology and linguistics [and maybe the new Fruits!] but actually I don't really care about Christmas, all I really want is a good sleep and someone to take care of me and to not think about schoolwork or sad things at all.
also maybe Santa could bring me an early Christmas gift and make me NOT BE SICK FOR FINALS/HELL WEEK? hell yeah that would be nice!!
thanks kevin. I owe you bigtime!

bjork b/w
Posted on 08.12.2005 at 00:32
one of the things in the news that really hurts me the most right now is the four hostages in Iraq, mostly because they're humanitarians and peace activists and the reason they're there to begin with is because they believe in the same things I believe, and I make it personal and I wonder about them and wonder about their families. I wonder if they talk to their captors and if the Swords of Truth men will suddenly realize who these men are and let them leave. I mean clearly the situation is bleak, it almost always is, but I think because they're with CPT and committed to their faith [and not in a divisive way] maybe something good and ok will happen.
I just wish they would know that they're in a lot lot of prayers right now.


bjork b/w

21 years of GLORY

Posted on 05.12.2005 at 21:05

Canoodling with Harry Potter
Originally uploaded by Franny Incognito.


best friends/roomies 4evzzzzz !! !

bjork b/w
Posted on 04.12.2005 at 14:08
[Weather Forecast]: stressedstressed
[Jim Jams]: mates of state
more for me than for youCollapse )

I had a really fun weekend with some Old and New Favorite People and it consisted of making tacos and Bollywood [Dan/Tania/DeWitt had never seen any! haHA!] and dancing with former co. + Erie and it was glorious comraderie. And also I feel semi-glorious because 2/5 term papers are completed, so this just means, like, minimum of 26, max. 31 pages left for the semester, + 4 exams, + lots of dancing to destress [RightRound + Mousetrap IN ONE WEEKEND!], and also a whole lot of coffee and anti-social activities & Bollywood destressing agents. [which I forgot about until I had to write this paper, and then I was OVERJOYED at remembering how many endorphins are released when I watch Bollywood!!
But I feel like the end is in sight because I leave so soon and I'm gloriously home for almost a month and this means so much detox-ing and pleasure reading and self-reflection. Isolation for a little while will be good.

Also, next semester's scheduleCollapse )

bjork b/w

12 pages PSHAW

Posted on 01.12.2005 at 19:34
10 things you didn't know, holiday ed.:

01. You know what I think sucks? Having finals and Every Paper Ever due in December, that's what sucks. Oh wait, not only did you know that about me, but you agree with me! ZING

02. Regardless, Christmas is my favourite holiday, and I'm really not much of a celebratory gal so you know that this is true. I even bought a little Charlie Brown tree yesterday for 9.99 at wholef.

03. Actually, I like the SEASON, not just the day, because of gingerbread and candy canes and warm fires and red and green

04. and speaking of the Day, I feel like almost every Christmas for the past I-don't-know-how-long I've cried about something in my room. However, this clearly has no effect on my feelings towards it.

05. REGARDLESS, christmas con mi familia is really fun mostly because WE CRAZY. We wake up tres early and open stockings in my parental units' gigantic bed. then we read the christmas story and drink tea. then we open presents and the little kids get to be the elf. then we eat sweet rolls in the shape of a christmas tree and some egg thing that is delicious. then we play with our new toys, which nowadays is usually a musical instrument that my brother gets or a nintendo game or for me? books!. You WISH you had four siblings and a cat, YEAHAH.

06. This Christmas is especially exciting since AU's winter holiday is compensating for last year's joke of a vacation by being almost a month long!! [for me, anyway]

07. When I was in high school I hated every new years and cried or read sylvia plath most of the time and knitted. angst!

08. HOWEVS, since moving to Phoenix every New Year's has been SUPREMELY great, namely because of Jon Tennent and my brothers and whatever boyfriend du jour [hahha KEVIN IM KIDDING!!] is available.

09. I don't make a big deal about new year resolutions. I think they're for pussies! I like to resolve to do things or improve at something, but since time is completely relative and is a social construct anyway, I feel no necessity to follow it. which is how I am with most social constructs, I guess!

10. Not only am I religious, but I LIKE the Biblical Christmas Story. A LOT. So much that in my days of dabbling in screenplay writing [aka 4th grade] I wrote about 234243 billion adaptations of it, no lie! I probably didn't get the concept of Jesus at all, which must be why the girl tomboy Shepherd-in-the-field was the main character every time. I guess it ALSO goes without saying that I like Nativity Scenes! we have a playmobile one and it is SWEET.

bjork b/w

El Return-O

Posted on 28.11.2005 at 13:42

Originally uploaded by Franny Incognito.

Durban/Kwazulu-Natal can't really be described adequately and I am still sad about being back so I can't really express proper things re: our journey and so forth. Just know that my time was lovely and maybe in person I can talk to you, since I'm better at the Oral Tradition thing anyway.

As for the present, its back to the grind and I've never had so many papers due at one time! MAMA MIA!!

bjork b/w

Dearest Friends:

Posted on 20.11.2005 at 23:56
I will be unreachable for the next week, SUCKERS, because I will be in SOUTH AFRICA.
Happy Thanksgiving/Genocide Day. While you eat turkey I will be eating GOAT MEAT and looking at GANDHIJI'S HOUSE and playing with ELEPHANTS, not to mention being on the same continent as my best friend and my brother ! ! !

<3 <3 <3!!

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