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serge et jane

there's noone like you Eleanor, really.

Posted on 28.12.2005 at 12:46
[Jim Jams]: Silver Jews [THNX JT]
I am reading The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay and oh my I absolutely love it even if I am not yet halfway done.

I forget how good pleasurable reading is and pangs of regret because I can't possibly always do this, which is really a shame.
Anyway, this book also opens lots of doors for independent research, and not just on comic books, but on things like Dali's World Fair Dream of Venus or the Golem of Prague [gimel vav lam mem, so at least I've not forgotten my spelling] and so every so often during a reading break I like to look things up on wikipedia or google, since possibilities are endless, naturalemente. Sometimes I would like to drop out of school and just do research but I know that I wouldn't actually be productive so I don't do it because I have no faith in myself, and this is becoming more and more evident day by day.

and now I've sobered [sombered] up and books are better companions than the internet anyway.

Just mostly you should all read this book! While you still have time!! And I can't believe how emotionally attached I am to Mr. Longino, because I miss him So Much.

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