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mosques are pretty, did joel take this pic??

Benedict ordered a spiritual wakeup, C'MON.

Posted on 25.12.2005 at 13:17
guyzzz merry christmas.
this year the Apple Corp. got a lot of money from my family which is fine by me, since Joel now doesn't have to get my cruddy old Dell desktop, OR mooch off my GarageBand.
Also, many authors [or their estates] got delightful royalties. Including but not limited to Michael Chabon [which I'm really excited to read!], Claude Levi-Strauss [obligatory], BISHOP KALLISTOS WARE [duh], Philip Gourevitch [GENOCIDE], and many many others. also, movies about a] genocide b] existentialism c] underwater explorers? [hahaha bet you can't even guess, RIGHT? ]
Also, watching Chongy feign fainting will go down in history as a delightful Christmas memory, because he got his GameCube and will now be playing Mario Party 7 for the next approximately 7.5 hours.

my favorite news story to recall this Christmas is Mahmoud Abbas' visit to the Church of the Nativity [first by a Pal. leader in 3 yrs.]: how very very cool!

and to conclude [since this could very well be my Year for Spiritual Renewal]:
'As a friend talking with his friend, man speaks with God, and drawing near in confidence he stands before the face of the One who dwells in light unapproachable'. -St. Symeon the New Theologian

Merry Christmas, &c.


pictures of you
Loser scypheroth circa 2005-12-25 20:40 (UTC) (Link)
Levi-Strauss! Ah, structuralism. Sounds very cool, happy holidays! see you soon!
Franny Glass
Loser charismatic circa 2005-12-25 20:44 (UTC) (Link)
MAN, I just KNEW you would wet yourself over that!!
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