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Desmond 'Nugget' Tutu !!!
Posted on 21.12.2005 at 09:26
So you may or may not be aware that my dad is considering converting to Orthodoxy and I am considering maybe following in his footsteps?? Well, anyway, I am.
So I asked my Orthodox sources some good books to start out with. Then I had the brilliant idea of getting one for my dad for Christmas!!
So I order this book The Orthodox Way by Bishop Ware for Dad, right?
NOT FIVE MINUTES after I get this one EXPRESS SHIPPED on Amazon, I walk into Dada's bedroom and see, One and The Same!, this book.
Oh damn.
Well, that's not a problem, I guess I'll just keep the book for myself and order my dad another one, right?
I relay the story of this travesty to my father in the early evening and he giggles hysterically because Guess What!! The package that came today from Barnes & Noble is THE SAME BOOK intended as a gift FOR ME. Groan!!

I hate returning books [from online too!] but it seems that Bishop Ware has gotten more than his share of royalties from This Family, so I guess this is what I have to do. Groan indeed!!


Loser cowboy_pirate circa 2005-12-21 17:00 (UTC) (Link)


You know your family should do a living nativity scene, I can see that being comedic. Especially if you used live animals.
Why the switch the orthodoxy?
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